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This form allows the user to submit a request to publicize lacrosse try-out dates, upcoming events, or any community related information on the Western Maryland Chapter of US Lacrosse website and/or our Facebook Wall.

Submission Details

  • Posts must be kept to a maximum of 12-15 sentences.
  • Posts may  include images or illustrations. Please submit by emailing to lyoung@wmduslax.org
  • You will be asked to  submit a summary/ bio about your organization that provides context as to who you are and why we should distribute your information.

Helpful Guidelines:

  1. Make the post useful to the readers – what do they need to know? Who is this for (age/gender)? When? Where?
  2. Offer a fresh angle – how your organization can help them or their athlete.
  3. Keep it simple - use short paragraphs or bullet points to make the post easier to read.
  4. Think about your headline – this can be the difference between a  post being read, or ignored.
  5. Offer practical information that will help readers understand your organization and what you are offering.